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Local Plan Documents: Ashford Borough Council

Local Plan Documents

The council has an adopted Core Strategy 2008 which sets the strategic vision and scale of planned growth for housing and jobs within the borough to 2021. This document is due to be formally reviewed by the end of 2015 and will be called the Local Plan to 2030. This will determine how the most sustainable and deliverable pattern of growth can be achieved within the borough.

The existing Local Development Framework (LDF) contains a collection of local development documents in addition to the Core Strategy 2008, that are geographical or issue specific and together these documents deliver the spatial planning objectives and policies for the borough. These documents are referred to as Development Plan Documents (DPDs), Area Action Plans (AAPs) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). All types of document can be prepared and updated separately and are subject to rigorous procedures of Public Consultation.

The Adopted Statutory Development Plans in force for the borough are:

Core Strategy 2008

Town Centre Area Action Plan 2010

Tenterden and Rural Sites Development Plan Document 2010

Urban Sites and Infrastructure Development Plan Document 2012

Chilmington Green Area Action Plan - Adopted July 2013

Borough Local Plan 2000 (Saved Policies Only) Including Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Local plan documents in progress:

Local Plan to 2030

Policies Map

The Local Plan Policies Map is an interactive map which show which areas these adopted policies above apply.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Ashford has a number of adopted SPDs which are used as material planning considerations when assessing planning applications.

View Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents

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