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Claiming Benefits

Housing benefit and council tax support

The local authority administers housing benefit and council tax support on behalf of the government. This includes:

Housing benefit

Help with your rent. Housing benefit is a means-tested benefit payable to people on a low income who are liable to pay rent for accommodation they are occupying as their home.

Council tax support

Help with your council tax. Council tax support is payable to people on a low income who are liable to pay council tax on the property they live in, whether it is rented or owned. It is also a means-tested benefit.

Second adult rebate

Help with your council tax. If you do not qualify for council tax benefit because your income is too high, you may still qualify for a 25% reduction in your council tax bill if there are other people living with you who have a low income. From 1 of April 2017, second adult rebate is only available for claimants who are of pension age.


Visit claiming housing benefit and claiming council tax support pages for explanations on the circumstances in which you may be entitled to these benefits.

Make a new claim for housing benefit and council tax support - it's the quickest and easiest way.

If we have written to you advising you to claim council tax support, as you have completed a housing benefit form via the Department of Works and Pensions, please complete the council tax support form.

In all cases you should claim as soon as you think you need to, as housing benefit and council tax support will normally only be awarded from the Monday after we receive your form.

If you do not submit your form to us straight away – perhaps, for example, you have been unwell – you can ask us to consider backdating the start of your claim to a date earlier than the date we received it. You will have to prove good cause for your failure to claim when you first needed the help. The maximum amount of time that a claim can be considered for backdating is one month for working age claimants and three months for pension age claimants.

If you are requested to provide supporting documentary evidence in respect of your benefit claim you can do so by completing our online form and attaching the documents.

You can estimate your entitlement to benefit online.

Further information

For public service information on benefits from the Government visit the Gov.uk website.

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