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Garden Recycling

Register now for the optional garden recycling collection service as a new customer.

You can now register and pay for Ashford's optional garden recycling collections online. The service runs from 1 June until 31 May 2015, and you will pay a pro-rata rate depending on when you sign up.

The current fee for new customers is £40.42 for a service starting in April. The cost includes £5.42 to cover the remainder of 2014/2015 subscription in addition to £35.00 to cover the 2015/2016 yearly subscription.

Delivery of your rented garden bin (for new customers) will take around 10 working days from the date when the order is made, and a collections calendar will be posted to you.

If you have decided not to renew your subscription, please take a moment to leave us some feedback.

Read our Garden Recycling FAQs >>>

The service is entirely optional and you do not have to use it if you do not need it. If you do not renew your gardening recycling subscription, you will have to return your brown bin to the council.

We no longer collect black bags of garden recycling with household refuse collections.

We also encourage all residents to compost their garden waste at home wherever possible - you can produce your own compost by using organic kitchen waste and waste from the garden and Ashford residents can now access great deals on composting equipment via www.getcomposting.com.

You can also take green recycling to the Kent County Council Recycling Centre where it is rotted down into compost that can be bought back and used on the garden.

Watch the garden recycling video guide >>>



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