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Garden Recycling

If you have received a letter about e-billing please register

New customers! Register now for the (optional) garden recycling collection service

News Ashford Borough Council is in the process of sending out renewals for the Garden Waste Service for the year commencing 1 June 2017. Please note, if you have signed up for eBilling you should have received a pdf invoice from Accounts Receivable on Monday 8 May.

Please be aware that due to the volume of renewals, our automated payment line will be extremely busy. We advise residents to make payments either during off-peak hours (before 9am or after 5pm) or via our website.

Paying online

You can now register and pay for Ashford's optional garden recycling collections online. The garden recycling collection service is a yearly service, which runs from 1 June until 31 May. The service costs £35 per year and you will have to pay this fee even if you only need the collection for part of the year.

Delivery of your rented garden bin (for new customers) will take around 10 working days from the date when the order is made, and a collections calendar will be posted to you.

Change in circumstances

Please note that it is important that you notify us of every change of circumstances that could affect the garden waste service and or any correspondence we may need to send. 

To advise us of a change such as  please complete the garden recycling change of circumstances form.

Cancelling your subscription

If you do not renew your gardening recycling subscription, you will have to return your brown bin to the council. If you have decided not to renew your subscription, please take a moment to leave us some feedback.

Handy tips and advice

For handy tips and advice, download our Garden Recycling Leaflet 2015 [pdf] 2MB.

Cartoon garden image shows a man emptying grass and leaves into a brown garden bin, with a woman digging over the flower bed in the background. Two boxes listing what you can and cannot put in the bin are on the right of the picture.

For more information regarding the garden recycling service read our garden recycling FAQs.

We also encourage all residents to compost their garden waste at home wherever possible - you can produce your own compost by using organic kitchen waste and waste from the garden and Ashford residents can now get great deals on composting equipment at www.getcomposting.com.

You can also take green recycling to the Kent County Council Recycling Centre where it is rotted down into compost that can be bought back and used on the garden.




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