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Gypsies and Travellers

Authorised caravan sites

Ashford has an authorised caravan site managed by the council which is at:

  • Chilmington Caravan Site, Great Chart

Apply for a plot at the Chilmington gypsy and travellers site

For gypsies and travellers coming into the area from other parts of the country there are no authorised stopping places.

Unauthorised encampments

Encampments set up on private land (including highway verges and laybys) without the consent of the landowner are termed unauthorised encampments. These are dealt with by housing services. 

Information regarding unauthorised encampments on privately owned land can be found in the Unauthorised Encampments Advice Leaflet [pdf] 2678KB.

Report an unauthorised encampment

Unauthorised developments

Encampments set up without local authority permission on gypsies' or travellers' own land, or on other private land with the permission of the landowner but not the local authority, are termed unauthorised developments. These are dealt with by the council's planning and development team.

Report an unauthorised development Report an unauthorised encampment or development

Further information

For general information about gypsies and travellers visit the Kent County Council website

Find out more information about caravan licensing

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