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Ashford Borough Council 'Key Worker' Qualifying Roles

Key workers should visit www.helptobuyese.org.uk to investigate their housing options as they are no longer routinely prioritised for social housing via Choice Based Lettings in Ashford. There may however be the rare exception as set out under a specific Local Lettings Plan or by a particular landlord.

A key worker is usually defined as a police officer, nurse, doctor, schoolteacher, firefighter or person whose work is of particularly high importance to the well-being of the community and who works in the borough of Ashford or within a 20 mile radius from the borough boundary. A decision of who qualifies as a key worker will be determined by the Housing Operations Manager, with a right of appeal to members. A supporting letter from your employer may be required.

The decision as to whether an applicant qualifies as a key worker may be determined before or after an applicant has made a bid for property earmarked for priority for key workers under the Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

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