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Home Improvements

In additional to any planning or building control permission required, as a council tenant you must also Tools on a workbenchreceive our written permission to carry out improvements or structural alterations, such as;

  • Removing walls
  • Widening doors
  • Installing a conservatory
  • Installing external doors, e.g. patio doors
  • Installing new windows or altering existing windows
  • Installation of solar of photo-voltaic panels
  • Any alterations to the electrical system, e.g. additional sockets, electric shower
  • Any alteration to the gas system, e.g. installing a gas fire
  • Any alteration to the hot water/heating system, e.g. shower, radiators
  • Any alteration to the drainage system

We can give advice about getting planning and building control permission if needed, or alternatively follow this link for enquiries on making planning applications and for building control enquiries click on our Ashford Building Control pages.

You do not need our permission to erect fences, sheds or greenhouses. However, in addition to obtaining planning or building control permission, it is important to consider the impact on your neighbours of any external alteration or improvement, and we recommend you consult with your neighbours before incurring any expense.

For additional advice or to seek permission you can email the housing services team at: housing@ashford.gov.uk or telephone 01233 330688.

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