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Recycling and Refuse Service

Now available to download 2017/18 refuse, recycling and garden recycling calendars

We're getting better at recycling, so let's make sure it stays that way! To help you out, we've updated our recycling guides with the latest recycling tips and advice.


Collection calendars

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Tips and advice

Fortnightly recycling

The GREEN wheeled bin is for all recyclable items and it is emptied fortnightly.

Please remember:

  • Do not line your recycling container with bags
  • Do not put carrier bags/plastic sacks of items into your green recycling bin. Carrier bags and plastic sacks themselves cannot be recycled as part of this service.
  • Do not put dark plastic food trays (from microwave meals for example), or crisp packets in your green recycling bin. Please place them in your grey refuse bin.
  • Sanitary waste items such as nappies are not recyclable. Please place them in your grey refuse bin.
  • Food waste packaging should be emptied of its contents and rinsed before placing in your green recycling bin.
  • Garden waste should be placed in your brown recycling bin – not the green recycling bin.
  • Coloured or opaque bags including carrier bags should be used only in the grey refuse bin. These should not be used for recycling, only completely clear bags are permitted with recycling.

green recycling bin


Confused by recycling symbols? Recycle Now has a detailed list to help you >>> 

Fortnightly household waste

The GREY wheeled bin is for household rubbish that cannot be recycled and it is emptied fortnightly. The bin lid must be closed and we will not collect ANY side waste or extra rubbish not placed inside the closed bin.

grey rubbish bin

Weekly food waste collection

Put food waste into the small indoor kitchen caddy (silver in colour). Empty your kitchen caddy into the collection caddy (orange lid) when required.

Put the caddy with the orange lid out for collection weekly on both your refuse and your recycling collection days.

If you’re thinking, "why should I place food waste in my kitchen caddy?"  well, food which goes in your caddy is sent for composting and can be reused as fertiliser, potentially by local farmers to grow more food. But food which goes into our grey refuse bin is sent straight to energy from waste or landfill and has no further useful purpose.

You can help keep your bin clean by lining it with 100% compostable bags. They are available from most supermarkets, or Ashford residents can purchase them at a discount from getcomposting.com.

A leaflet detailing the food items which can be placed in our caddies, and all the great benefits of recycling more food waste, should have dropped through your door to help you out too.

So let’s help Ashford become a greener, cleaner and more eco-friendly borough by using our kitchen caddies!

food waste

Please remember to present the bin on the boundary of your property by 7am on collection day. If you live alone, without assistance, and you cannot move your bins by yourself we have an assisted collection scheme in place. To find out more about assisted collections please contact us by email streetscene@ashford.gov.uk or call 01233 331111.

Love Food Hate Waste have created a Food Waste Assistant, which offers advice and tips on how to reduce the amount of unwanted food we throw away. Simply enter the last item of food you threw out and the online tool will give you some simple solutions to avoid wasting it next time.

To request a replacement Refuse, Recycling, Garden or Food bin please call 01233 331111 or email customer.care@ashford.gov.uk

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Garden recycling

Register now for the optional garden recycling collection service as a new customer.

You can now register and pay for Ashford's optional garden recycling collections online. The service runs from 1 June until 31 May of the following year, and you will pay a pro-rata rate depending on when you sign up.

Delivery of your rented garden bin (for new customers) will take around 10 working days from the date when the order is made.

Please note that it is important that you notify us of every change of circumstances that could affect the garden waste service and or any correspondence we may need to send.          

To advise us of a change please complete the garden recycling change of circumstances form.

Please present your brown bin at the property boundary by 7am on the morning of collection. Please note that during the summer months crews can be working until 7pm.

For handy tips and advice, download the garden recycling leaflet [pdf] 1MB

Cartoon garden image shows a man emptying grass and leaves into a brown garden bin, with a woman digging over the flower bed in the background. Two boxes listing what you can and cannot put in the bin are on the right of the picture.

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How to recycle other waste

Bulky item collection

We will collect bulky domestic waste including furniture, white goods (Please ensure that when putting out fridges/freezers tape or tie the doors shut and remove any food from it), electrical appliances and most other items that you would expect to take with you if you were moving house (we cannot take DIY materials or builders' waste)

Items need to be out by 7am on the day of collection. Items need to be clearly visible at the front of the property abutting the highway ready to be collected at any time during the day.


There is a minimum charge of £23.00 (for the collection of up to 4 items) required at time of booking. The booking may be cancelled or amended up until 2 working days before the collection due date and a full refund will be provided. If the booking is cancelled less than 2 working days before the collection due date the minimum £23.00 payment will not be refunded. The overall cost will be based on the number and volume of items being collected.

Book a bulky item collection

Alternatively call 01233 331111 or visit The Civic Centre with your bulk collection request.

If you would prefer, you can take your waste to Kent County Council Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Please note that these service conditions do not apply to Housing Associations, Commercial and Industrial businesses, Letting Agencies and Landlords.

Small electrical items, batteries and old clothes

As part of our recycling and refuse service, residents can leave out textiles and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for kerbside collection on alternate weeks.

Place small amounts of textiles in a tied carrier bag or similar, on top of your recycling bin. Only white sacks (pedal bin size 30l) are accepted, as we have limited collection capacity.

Place all electricals in a tied carrier bag or similar, on top of your refuse bin.

Place used batteries in a clear plastic bag on top of your grey refuse bin.

We cannot collect any items presented in black sacks or charity bags.

Large electrical items can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre on the Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate, or book a bulky item collection by calling 01233 331111.

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Sharps, syringes and clinical waste

We provide a collection service for used syringes for those who are unable to take their used syringes to any of the drop off points listed below:

  • Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL
  • Ashford Gateway Plus, Church Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1AS
  • Ashford Borough Council, Tenterden Gateway, 2 Manor Row, Tenterden TN30 6HP

Syringes are dangerous and could stab the waste collectors; if waste collectors are injured in this way, you could be pursued for their loss of earnings should they need to take time out from work.

You can obtain a new sharps box on prescription from your GP.

If you have needles to dispose of that have been used for a non medical purpose, Kent drug services can help you. Please call:

KCA – 01795 590635. Areas covered: Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Gravesham, Shepway, Sittingbourne and Thanet.

Turning Point – 01322 278916. Areas covered: Dartford, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells.

Report discarded syringes on public land to us using our online form or by telephoning 01233 331111.

If you find syringes on someone else's land, you should report it to the land owner.

Clinical waste

The council can also provide a collection for other medical (infectious) waste from domestic properties within the Borough. This type of clinical waste should not be put in with your domestic waste.  
If you require a collection, all you need to do is telephone 01233 331111, your details will be taken and we will tell you when the next collection is.

Please note we only collect from domestic properties. Nursing homes and medical establishments should arrange for this type of collection through their normal waste collection contractor

**Please note that a clinical collection is no longer offered for Incontinence Waste, this waste should be disposed of using your general refuse collections. If you feel that you may struggle to contain this in your general refuse container, please contact us so that we are able to assist you.**

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Container provision for new developments

Under the Waste and Recycling Policy [pdf] 106KB, the responsibility for the provision of containers for the collection of recyclables, residual waste and food waste for all new developments is the responsibility of the developer.

We have listed below the number and type of containers that are required.

Bins can be purchased directly from the council using the online form at the bottom of this page. Alternatively developers are welcome to procure the containers from other sources, they are however unlikely to receive the same preferential rates and delivery timescales. All containers must fully comply with the council standards and specifications.

Individual properties
240 litre wheeled green recycling bin
180 litre wheeled grey residual bin
23 litre external black food bins with orange lockable lid.

The cost for supply and delivery of a full set of bin per individual property

(240 litre recycling, 180 litre residual and 23 litre food caddy) is £55.00.

Communal properties (six flats or more)
1 x 1,100 litre recycling bin green with aperture
1 x 1,100 litre grey residual bin
1 x 140 litre communal food bin

The cost for supply and delivery of 140 litre communal store food bin is £35.00 per bin.

The cost for supply and delivery of 1,100 litre residual or recycling bin (covering 6 properties) is between £275.00- £300.00. Recycling aperture bins cost more than residual bins.

Five litre internal kitchen caddys with complimentary roll of compostable bags are supplied free of charge by the council.

Our delivery times are ten working days on wheeled bins and caddies, although we require an extra notice period on 1,100 litre bins. Please note that all bins will need to be signed for upon delivery.

If you wish to place an order please complete the container provision for new developments application form.

Learn more about where our waste goes.

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