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ABC Lettings marks 10th anniversary of placing people who are in temporary accommodation into more suitable longer term homes

Published: 24/11/2022
ABC Lettings staff forum at Ashford's Civic Centre

Ten years after the service was set up by Ashford Borough Council, ABC Lettings continues to work with private sector landlords to help tackle homelessness across the borough.

ABC Lettings works tirelessly to attract new landlords, offering a fully managed service for landlords who want a low risk hands off management service. For experienced landlords we can offer a tenant find service.

The private sector landlord market is considered to be a hard to reach audience and with recent trends seeing a fall in the number of landlords who operate in the market, ABC Lettings is having to redouble its efforts to attract more partners.

To grab the attention of landlords who let out property across the borough, ABC Lettings is stepping up its campaign to engage with them about the benefits of using the Council’s services.

“We have tenants who are ready to move into a landlord’s rented properties and we can offer a flexible package of financial incentives. These incentives effectively subsidise the difference between affordable rents and market rents so it’s very much a win-win situation for landlords,” said Vicki Henham of ABC Lettings.

“In the ten years since we were set up, our primary focus has been to ensure that local people who might otherwise face becoming homeless are given the opportunity to make a longer term home for themselves in the private rented sector, backed by all the experience and support that the local authority can provide.

“The sector has experienced many changes in the past decade and today we are witnessing a decline in the number of landlords in the face of mounting financial, regulatory and other pressures. Our clear message to landlords is that we can help, come and talk to us today,” added Vicki.

Under the banner Letting your property is as easy as ABC! the benefits of the fully managed service on offer to landlords include:

  • A guaranteed rental income, paid monthly and in advance
  • We tenant your property within two weeks (subject to all the necessary checks)
  • Boiler breakdown cover and annual gas safety check
  • Inventory / check out
  • 24 hour emergency repair support
  • Routine property inspections
  • Tenancy renewals

ABC Lettings, which already successfully manages more than 200 properties across Ashford, Folkestone and Hythe, says it offers landlords a no hassle, no hidden cost lettings service – and all from an organisation which is not motivated by profit and which has a reputation for a careful and considered approach.

ABC Lettings service showcased at private landlord forum in Ashford

Around 80 private sector landlords who attended a recent forum in Ashford organised by the Borough Council and the National Residential Landlord Association heard a compelling presentation on why they should work with ABC Lettings.

ABC Lettings outlined the range of services it can offer landlords, including guaranteed rental income and a flexible package of financial incentives, with a guarantee to tenant all properties within two weeks. The message went down so well with the audience that a number of landlords present immediately registered their interest.

Private sector landlords who want to find out more about what ABC Lettings can offer should call on 01233 330811 or email abclettings@ashford.gov.uk.