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Community Emergency Planning

Community Emergency Plans

The aims and objectives of creating Community Emergency Plans are to increase the readiness and resilience within the local communities of the Ashford borough.

In nearly all cases, emergencies are dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and the major utilities. However, there may be circumstances, such as extensive flooding, heavy snow or severe storm damage where the arrival of the emergency services could be delayed or stretched to capacity, or when essential utilities and highways access may be compromised. When this happens, communities can really benefit from some local planning to help themselves during these types of events.

To help parish councils and community groups understand what they need to do, the Kent Resilience Forum (KRF) has published some guidance on this subject, and a useful Community Emergency Plan template, designed to act as a step-by-step self help guide to developing a plan. It covers the whole range of requirements that could help your community in an emergency, such as identifying the local risks and issues, the local people and resources who could assist, and how to manage the response.

KRF Community Emergency Plan

You can download the KRF Community Emergency Plan and accompanying appendices from the list below.

Community Risks

To help write an emergency plan for your community or parish area, it is important to understand the risks that may affect your area. The Ashford Community Risk Register [pdf] 238KB can be downloaded to help you with what risks are present in our borough and define which of these may need to be considered for your local community.

Communities prepared

To help communities build their own plan and for further information and help on how to prepare for an emergency in Kent, please visit Kent Prepared - Building Community Resilience.

Other useful information can also be found at the Cabinet Office website.

Contact us

If you are involved in a parish or town council and would like further information or assistance with completing an emergency plan for your local community, please contact Emergency Planning via 01233 331111 or email emergency.planning@ashford.gov.uk

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