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Stodmarsh Nutrient Neutrality

This section of the website contains information about Stodmarsh and nutrient neutrality.

Nutrient Neutrality Methodology

In March 2022 Natural England updated the nutrient neutrality advice and methodology. 

This includes a new nutrient methodology and calculator which should be used in nutrient assessments, submitted with planning applications.

All applications should now use this updated methodology to calculate the scale of nutrient mitigation required.

View the updated Natural England Methodology and Advice:

View the information needed to accompany planning applications.

What is the Council doing?

For development proposals, which can’t mitigate on-site, the Council is preparing a borough Mitigation Strategy. This Mitigation Strategy will be a series of short, medium and long term solutions.

Work is currently ongoing to prepare the Mitigation Strategy.

This website will be updated in due course with updates on the borough Mitigation Strategy.

March 2023

An update was given on 30 March at Cabinet on the Council's progress towards delivering a strategic mitigation solution.  The report also set out the broad scope of a future Nutrient Neutrality Supplementary Planning Document.

View the March 2023 Cabinet report.

October 2022

An update was given on 27 October at Cabinet on the Council's response to the nutrient neutrality.  The report includes updates on the progression of strategic wetlands and Natural England funding opportunities.

View the October 2022 Cabinet report.

March 2022

An update was given on 31 March at Cabinet on the Council’s response to nutrient neutrality.  As part of this report, Cabinet agreed to adopt an Operational Statement setting out the partnership working approach with Natural England, Environment Agency and Kent County Council, to deliver strategic wetlands.

View the March 2022 Cabinet report [pdf] 1MB

View the Stodmarsh Operational Statement [pdf] 904KB

July 2021 Update

In July 2021, Cabinet agreed to pursue the creation of strategic wetlands, as part of the borough Mitigation Strategy.  View the July 2021 Cabinet report [pdf] 342KB

Since July 2021, the Council has been in discussion with land owners to acquire land for the creation of strategic wetlands.

Planning applications and borough Mitigation Strategy

In the interim, should you choose to submit an application that relies upon the borough Mitigation Strategy, please continue to prepare the nutrient calculations and provide these together with any additional information required (in accordance with the relevant guidance and Natural England calculator) and submit these as part of the planning application.

Please also confirm in a covering letter that you intend to wait for the borough Mitigation Strategy.