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Replacement Bin Request

Replacement bin

There could be a variety of reasons why you require a replacement bin for your property ranging from:

  • It has been damaged or lost.
  • It has gone in the back of the Waste Truck – these will be investigated alongside our contractor and onboard CCTV will be reviewed. 

Depending on the reason for the request for a replacement bin there may be a charge that will need to be paid at the time of the request before the item will be arranged for delivery. Charges are as follows:

Prices for Each Type of Bin per Individual Property
Type Bin description Charge
Grey bin (refuse)

180 litre household waste bin for refuse

Green bin (recycling)

240 litre recycling bin for dry recycling

Black and orange caddy

23 litre external kerbside caddy for food waste

Without additional cost
Silver caddy

5 litre internal kitchen caddy (grey) for food waste

Without additional cost

What you need to do

You will need to tell us your address along with contact details, select the reason why you require a replacement bin, select which bin you require and pay any relevant costs applicable.

What happens next?

Once the form and any appropriate payment has been made and submitted then the requested bin should be delivered to the property within 10 working days. Please note that the Waste Team may need to contact you if they have any queries regarding your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ My bin was damaged by the refuse collectors, please can I have a new bin?

You will need to provide us with information about how this happened so we can investigate into this. If you did not see the damage happening then we will require you to purchase a replacement bin.

+ I am moving can I take my bins with me?

No the bins must remain with the property they were purchased for. The fee is the replacement cost and does not transfer ownership to the resident.

+ I am moving and there are no bins at the property do I need to pay for new bins?

Yes, bins should remain with a property. If the previous resident/homeowner has taken the bins with them or they are damaged, the new homeowner needs to either pay for a new set or speak to their conveyancing solicitor to ensure the bins remain with the property as part of the house purchase.

+ I am moving to a new build with no bins, do I have to pay for new bins?

Yes, the current price for a full set of bins is £99, alternatively speak to your developer about them providing you bins on your arrival.

New build property bin request form (housing developments)

New build property bin request form (individual property)

+ I am moving into rented accommodation and there are no bins, do I have to pay?

Yes, however we recommend you speak to your landlord regarding this.

+ How long does it take for my replacement bin to be delivered?

Bin deliveries are expected to be made within 10 working days (excluding bank holidays) of payment being taken. When we deliver your new bin we will remove your old bin only if you have requested it to be removed.

+ I am not willing to pay for a bin and will be putting black bags out, will these be collected?

No, we will not collect any waste that is not presented in the recognised way of a wheelie bin. If you continue to attempt to present waste in bags instead of a recognised wheelie bin, a penalty warning will be issued under Section 46 Environmental act and a fine may be applied.
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