Council Tax E-Billing

Did you know that every bill we send out by post costs us around 50p? But once you've seen what the charge is (by the way, we set the lowest council tax in Kent) do you just file it away, or even shred it?

So, save us 50p, save us some paper and make our resources go further, by signing up to e-billing.

It's easy to sign up to receive your council tax bill by email. It's the modern way. You probably already receive your utility bills by email.

Nearly 11,000 households now do it. That's already saving us around £5,500 that can be spent on other services. But we have over 50,000 accounts, so think of the money that can be saved.

Remember, is your council, online!

No queuing, secure transactions, find information faster. We save you time, you make resources go further.

Thank you!