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Grounds Maintenance (Aspire)

Aspire Landscape Management look after council-owned green spaces. This includes parks, floral beds, open green areas, cemeteries, grounds around some housing sites, hedges, sports pitches and associated footpaths.

Our day-to-day work includes mowing, tree surgery, pruning, planting and play area maintenance for both the council and private clients, such as parish councils and schools. 

Aspire works to create an attractive and safe environment, using high standards of public space design.  We are constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of our formal green spaces. We also want to contribute to increasing the biodiversity of our wilder landscapes.   

As an in-house service, we can place our resources where and when they are most needed, providing value for money to our customers.

Aspire works with Kent County Council (KCC) Highway Services to help improve landscape quality standards across the Ashford borough. Together, we want to make the borough a pleasant place to live, work, visit and enjoy.

We are only able to access and work on private land where we have permission and are contracted to do so. Aspire is also set up to work as a trading company and can take on private consultancy and commissions for customers, such as parish councils or schools. Please visit our website for further information. Alternatively, you can contact us at aspire@ashford.gov.uk if you need help with any outdoor projects. We specialise in grounds maintenance, site clearances and tree surgery.

Contact Us

Telephone: 01233 331 111

Email: aspire@ashford.gov.uk

Aspire Landscape Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can I report land or areas which need attention?

For issues on council property, please use our online form to report overgrown borders, shrubs, hedges or grass. Unfortunately, if you have a problem to report on privately owned land, we are not able to assist. If there is a problem with privately owned hedgerows or shrubbery over the highway or pavements please contact Kent Highway Services.

+ How can I establish who owns the land?

Generally, grass verges on roads are owned by Kent Highway Services; but in most cases they commission Ashford Borough Council to maintain them. Roads with over 60 miles per hour speed limits tend to be the responsibility of Highways England. The Land Registry can supply details of the ownership of other land.

+ Can you maintain privately owned land?

We are only able to access and work on private land where we have permission and are contracted to do so.  If you would like to discuss a quote for any outdoor projects please contact us at aspire@ashford.gov.uk.

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