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Tenant Find

For the more experienced landlords

We are now offering a tenant find only service for more experienced landlords, whereby you continue to manage your property during the term of the tenancy. 

With the tenant find only service, we offer landlords a secure way of finding suitable tenants from the start with no fees. Following routine compliance checks and the completion of the HHSRS inspection, we work closely with our housing options team to match suitable tenants to your property. In addition to running tenant affordability checks, we are able to offer support packages including deposits to secure sustainable tenancies.

Our tenant find only service includes:

  • Affordability checks
  • Compliance checks
  • Deposit and rent in advance
  • Drawing up an agreement
  • HHSRS inspection
  • Inventory *fee
  • Advice on policy and up to date information with regards to letting your property
  • Rental valuation

Contact us

Call us on 01233 330811 or email abclettings@ashford.gov.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do you charge for this service?

No, there is no charge for the tenant find service.

+ How is your tenant find only service different to a high street agent?

The Council have a number of tenants who are suitable for the private sector, they can afford the rent but not the upfront costs for a deposit and rent in advance. We can assist with these payments. They may also struggle to pass the rigorous credit checks or not be able to put forward a guarantor.

As soon as we have received all the legal documentation, have inspected the property and agreed the rental we would shortlist the most suitable tenants. They go through a comprehensive affordability check. Plus, where possible we would contact their previous landlord for a reference. We aim to tenant the property within two weeks.