Street Nameplates

What are we required to do? 

Section 19 of the Public Health Act 1925 provides us with a duty to ensure that the name of every street shall be shown in a conspicuous position and also alter or renew it if it becomes illegible.

Anyone found guilty of interfering with a street nameplate or removing it is liable to a fine imposed by the Magistrates Court.

New street nameplates:

Developers are required to ensure street nameplates are erected for all new developments after naming and numbering has been confirmed by us. The developer is therefore responsible for the initial costs of providing the street nameplates. 

It is unlawful to set up a street nameplate until one month has passed from the council’s receipt of the application, provided no objections have been raised. If objections have been raised, it is unlawful to set up nameplates until the objection has been resolved or withdrawn on appeal. 

Specification for street name plates: 

  • Main type face – 90mm Kindersley Octavian lettering
  • Secondary type face – 50mm Kindersley Octavian lettering
  • Frame – 50mm x 50mm box section legs welded to a 40mm x 40mm galvanised frame
  • Nameplate – embossed 3mm aluminium

If you require specification guidance for new street nameplates, please contact our Engineering Services Team.

Existing street nameplates:

Damaged or missing street nameplates can be reported using our Report Damaged/Missing Street nameplates online form.

Who is responsible for the cost of replacement street nameplates?

When a street re-naming application has been successful, the parish council will be expected to provide the council with the appropriate funds to replace the street nameplate/s. It is entirely up to the parish council and residents to determine how these costs are met between them.

When we have sufficient evidence to conclude that a road name has been recorded and/or identified by an incorrect or inaccurate name, the cost for replacement nameplates will be met by the council, providing the subsequent guidance given in policy has been followed.

Similarly, where a road has had a name for many years, properties exist on that road but street nameplates have never been erected and are now being requested, the council will endeavour to erect nameplates as soon as is reasonably possible. A formal application will need to be made.

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