Climate Change

At Ashford Borough Council we accept the urgency, challenge and responsibility to act in order to play our part in tackling climate change. We have set targets to be carbon net zero in our own estate and services by 2030 and borough wide by 2050, supporting the national agenda.

Climate Action requires a collective response and we understand we have a key role to support, engage and enable all our communities, businesses and suppliers to take part as well as ensuring we are exemplars of good practice.

Our new Climate Action Team (CAT) has been set up to drive the agenda both internally and externally and will be working to deliver our Climate Change Strategy And Climate Action Plan June 2022- 2024 which sets out our approach in more detail. 

This involves work on

  • Our internal processes and procedures to ensure we appropriately consider climate change in all our decision making and activity
  • Practical changes to the fabric of all our buildings – retrofitting them to ensure they are energy efficient
  • Stimulating a climate conversation with our communities to share information but also understand needs and indeed barriers to engagement, so we can better support
  • Protecting and enhancing wildlife and biodiversity
  • Exploring renewable energy generation and use
  • Exploring sustainable transport opportunities
  • Supporting and motivate green business growth and a low carbon economy.
  • Reducing waste and improving recycling

There is no denying it will be a challenge, but we want to be bold and innovative and work with everyone to succeed. 

What can you do?

If you are a resident and would like to become part of our Community Climate Action Forum to help direct our future activity, give us feedback through polls and questionnaires, receive information on associated topics and events, please register by clicking on the button below to complete our form.