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Show Your Support for the Armed Forces Community

The aim of the Covenant is to encourage local communities to support the Armed Forces community in their area and promote understanding and awareness of issues affecting the Armed Forces community.

If you or your organisation would like to pledge your support to the Ashford Borough Armed Forces Community Covenant, please fill out the form below or email communitycovenant@ashford.gov.uk.

Pledges are welcomed from Armed Forces organisations, public service providers, businesses, charities, community groups and individuals.  If you provide contact details we will keep you updated about the work we are doing and contact you to find out how your pledge is going.

Pledges to support the Armed Forces community could include:

  • Fundraising for service charities
  • Promoting job vacancies in your company to service leavers via the Career Transition Partnership
  • Offering discounts to serving or former Armed Forces personnel if you run a local business

Pledge your support for the Ashford Borough Armed Forces Community Covenant

Or address of organisation if pledging on their behalf.
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