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Licensing Check and Send Service

Whilst the Licensing team aim to support local business provide applicants with free informal advice on certain application types, it is not unusual for applicants to require more involved assistance on making and completing an application under the Licensing Act 2003.

In those circumstances we typically have to limit the time providing general informal advice to less than 30 minutes per business.

However, we are able to offer a more formal ‘check and send’ service for applications under the Licensing Act 2003 (alcohol and entertainment).

Why use this service?

  •  To avoid delays and costs associated with invalid applications
  •  To avoid delays and costs associated with invalid public notices
  •  To highlight potential concerns or objections that could arise due to the application, and how to address those  concerns suitably, thereby hopefully avoiding objections and delays caused by the need for a public hearing
  • To understand the likelihood of an application being successful

What does this service provide?

  • A review of the validity of the application, and feedback on matters that will need to be addressed prior to submission. This will include checks of your;
    • drafted application form(s),
    • statutory plans, and,
    • right to work documentation (where required)
  • A drafted public notice ready for use at the premises, and for the local newspaper (where required).
  • To highlight potential issues, concerns, and objections that may arise from the application and activities being proposed. This will include the provision of a range of mitigation measures that could be offered by the applicant to resolve those concerns.
  • An understanding of the likelihood of their application being successful.

Service limitations

In all cases the advice and guidance service ends once the application is submitted to the Licensing Authority. The use of this service does not guarantee an application will be granted, but will ensure that it will be processed promptly and that where appropriate the application contains all of the information and measures that the council would consider likely to satisfy the responsible authorities.


To utilise this service please complete our online form.

You will required to upload the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Plans
  • Right to work documents
  • Pay the fee of £144 plus VAT at the same time as submitting the application