Dispute resolution

For continuity of income

ABC Lettings is now offering a new service for dispute resolution. If you are thinking of serving notice, or have served notice, on your tenant please contact us. We have experience of working with landlords and tenants to resolve disputes, and sustain tenancies in order to prevent homelessness.

If you are experiencing rent arrears, noise complaints, relationship breakdown or anything else we are here to support you. We assess tenants affordability, make payment plans, mediate and provide support packages as well as sign posting tenants. We have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources at Ashford Borough Council. Our overall goal is to prevent homelessness and provide security to landlords.

Case study

A tenant approached the council as they had received a section 21 due to rent arrears, and relationship breakdown between the landlord and the tenant. ABC Lettings made contact with the landlord and visited the tenant to complete the due diligence and compliance checks. We assessed the tenants affordability and came up with a supported payment plan agreed by the landlord. This was achieved by opening up the lines of communication and acting as mediator. This resulted in successfully securing a 12 month tenancy agreement.

Contact us

Call us on 01233 330811 or email abclettings@ashford.gov.uk


"During a very stressful time of uncertainty as to where I was going to live, Ellie Ludford of the housing department did everything she could to secure my tenancy for another year to keep the roof over mine and my children's heads. Ellie provided support, care and was so helpful and informative. She kept in touch with me and gave me lots of advice for the coming future. She is an absolute credit to the council's housing department."  - Tenant

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do you charge for this service?

There is no charge for this service. There are unprecedented levels of homelessness at this time so we are constantly looking at ways to prevent.

As a Landlord, we would always encourage you to sustain a tenancy rather than go through the costly process of seeking possession and remarketing your property.

+ How and why is the condition of my property assessed?

Initially, we would need to see copies of all legal documentation. We would then carry out an inspection of your property. This would include an HHSRS inspection to check for any hazards.

Following this, we make recommendations to you so the property meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing. These checks are to protect you and the tenant.

+ How do you assess my tenant’s affordability?

The Housing Options Team are responsible for checking the tenants’ affordability and would advise us how much they can afford.

In the event there is a difference between what they can afford and what we deem to be the market rent, they may pay the difference to sustain the tenancy for a minimum of 12 months.

+ If I am looking to increase the rent and my tenants are already struggling what should I do?

Contact us, tell us what your expectations are and we will let you know if this is achievable. Our role is to prevent the tenant from becoming homeless so between us and the Housing Options Team we will look to find a solution.

+ I need to sell my property, what should I do?

We work closely with a number of landlords who are entering the buy to let market or increasing their portfolios. We have a register of these landlords and with your agreement can pass on your details. If the landlord is interested, you discuss the sales particulars directly. We will be on hand to offer advice.