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Skin Piercing

Skin piercing registration

If you practice ear piercing, cosmetic piercing, semi-permanent skin-colouring, acupuncture, electrolysis or tattooing in the borough of Ashford then you must be registered with us. Registered medical doctors, or anyone under the supervision of a doctor, are exceptions to this rule.

We register individuals to ensure that essential health and hygiene standards are maintained. It is compulsory to register the premises and the practitioner under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

Applicants will need to SKIN PIERCING Application Form APRIL 2021 V3 [pdf] 273KB and pay the appropriate fee. The fee covers the cost of administration and inspection of the premises on a regular basis. These checks will ensure compliance with the byelaws. Mobile vehicles / units are not permitted.

Skin piercing byelaws

We enforce a long list of hygiene rules to make sure that skin piercing is practiced safely.

The skin piercing byelaws set hygiene standards relevant to cleanliness and hygiene of premises, staff and equipment. They aim to increase health protection and reduce the risk of transmission of infections, such as Hepatitis.

Further information


Registration Type Fee
Acupuncture Initial registration £200.00
  Additional practitioner/premises £109.00
  Minor variation £30.50
Tattooing including semi-permanent skin-colouring Initial registration £200.00
  Additional practitioner/premises £109.00
  Minor variation £30.50
Electrolysis Initial registration £200.00
  Additional practitioner/premises £109.00
  Minor variation £30.50
Cosmetic piercing excluding ear piercing  Initial registration
  Additional practitioner/premises
  Minor variation
Ear piercing Initial registration
  Additional practitioner/premises
  Minor variation
  • Registrations are required for the premises AND each person (practitioner) doing the activity.
  • The initial registration fee also covers the registration of ONE practitioner. If you have further practitioners then an additional fee is charged.
  • Additional activities added after a premises or practitioner have been registered are charged at the rate listed above per activity or practitioner.
  • A minor variation such as a change of business name or amendment to a practitioner’s name is charged at the rate listed above. This reduced fee does not apply where the ownership of a business is changed; the full fee is applicable.

Operating in more than one premises within the Borough of Ashford

If operating in more than one premises within the borough of Ashford, each premises must be registered for the activity undertaken. 

Whilst registration allows you to operate at other premises registered in the borough of Ashford, you must contact other authorities if you intend to operate within other council areas.

No person will be registered as a mobile operator unless they have registered a premises. This will normally be the home address.

Apprenticeships and training

We fully support people training and gaining skin piercing experience as an apprentice. This must be done in a controlled environment, within a registered premises under the supervision of a registered and competent person. It is strongly recommended that approved training is also undertaken. At the point an apprentice or trainee is ready to undertake skin piercing without supervision they must submit a registration application.

Application process

Following receipt of the application form and correct fee, an appointment will be made, where necessary, to undertake an inspection and check compliance with our skin piercing byelaws.

If the inspector is satisfied that conditions are met and that the practitioner is competent, skin piercing can start straight away. A certificate of registration will be issued. This must be displayed clearly at the premises to which it relates.

If you do not satisfy the conditions, the officer will confirm in writing the matters requiring attention. When the matters have been resolved you should contact the officer for a re-

You must not start skin piercing until all conditions are met and agreed.

Contact us

If you have any further questions please email us. It would be helpful if could provide us with full details of your enquiry, including the address of the premises concerned, when enquiring.

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