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Past editions

September 2023 - New recycling campaign for our town centre, sign the Eurostar petition, hello to new businesses and more!

August 2023 - Featuring Cost of Living and Housing updates, the launch of MyAshford and Citizens' Panel and some fire safety tips for all householders

July 2023 - Ashford Food & Drink Festival is in full swing! Here's a reminder of what's still to come this month!

June 2023 - Don't miss Ashford's Food & Drink Festival launch weekend, FREE Victoria Park Community Event, the next Eat Well Spend Less Roadshow and more.

May 2023 - Big Green Week! Ashford's first ever Food & Drink Festival, date confirmed for the next Eat Well Spend Less Roadshow and more!

April 2023 - Coronation countdown, final checklist for elections, farewell UNFRAMED and thank you to our subscribers

March 2023 - Epic town centre murals add to UNFRAMED excitement, how your council tax is allocated, save money on parking and more

February 2023 - Another new play area opens, help with your council tax, saving money on your weekly shop and the first details on a new town centre event!

January 2023 - Happy New Year! New Eat Well Spend Less Roadshow dates confirmed, Sneak peek at the next Ashford For You competitions and more

December 2022 - Merry Christmas everyone! Read the Mayor of Ashford's Xmas message, view your festive collection calendar, tips to stay safe in cold weather and more

November 2022 - Help with the cost of living crisis, more play area improvements in the borough and a look back at Ashford's Remembrance service

October 2022 - Help with the cost of living in Ashford, your feedback on town centre improvements and celebrating our local heroes

September 2022 - Ashford pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

September 2022 - Help with the cost of living, new wetland area for Victoria Park and how to work for ABC

June 2022 - Summer event returns to Ashford Town Centre, recycling & refuse calendars arrive and more

May 2022 - Safer Streets, play areas and a special birthday wish