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Natural Burials

Woodland burials offer a natural alternative form of burial. They are for people who care about the environment and are happy for their resting place to be part of a developing woodland.

We manage the woodland for the benefit of wildlife and to provide a natural and tranquil place to visit and enjoy.

Both Bybrook Cemetery and Tenterden Cemetery offer woodland burials.

How your burial will help the woodland

A woodland is much more than trees. A thriving woodland has open glades and is a home for many different wild flowers, birds and other animals. Part of the fee you pay goes towards adding these important features to the woodland.

Coffins and caskets

Biodegradable cardboard coffins are used to make sure that the burials are as natural as possible. Your funeral director or Cemeteries Officer can advise you on the different types of coffin available.

Religious beliefs and faiths

Woodland burials are for people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures and there are no areas set aside for particular groups. You can arrange a graveside ceremony at the time of burial if you wish.


Memorials on the grave itself are limited to a simple post and plaque. This is provided by the council. In order to preserve a natural woodland character no other memorials are permitted on the graves.

Suggested planting

Suggested perennial native plant list for woodland grave planting.