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Planning Ahead - Making Funeral Arrangements

Making choices and preparing

Facing up to our own mortality is never easy, but experience shows that those we leave behind find it helpful to know how we would like to be remembered. Every family has its own way of dealing with the subject of funeral planning. If the topic proves to be too delicate, it can be easier to write down your wishes. You can then let your family know where to access these wishes when required.

Instructions for loved ones

An advanced funeral directive is a document that provides instructions for relatives and friends. The directive enables those arranging the funeral to have a clear understanding of the wishes of the person who has died.

Funeral wishes, whether made in a will or an advanced funeral directive are not legally binding after death. However, creating a final arrangements document can ensure your final wishes are carried out upon your death. This can help ease the burden of making difficult decisions for your loved ones.

Digital legacies

There are many online portals that can log your funeral wishes online, such as MyWishes. These websites offer free access to funeral arrangements. This varies from funeral music playlists, advanced care plans, goodbye messages to leaving a digital legacy of any photographs or history of your life.

The websites also allow you to detail your digital life on social media, video/music/eBooks, online shopping and any online financial accounts you may have. This informs your loved ones of your wishes for these.

More information regarding digital legacies can be found on the Digital Legacy Association website.

As digital currencies are becoming more common it is important that your loved ones are aware of any cryptocurrency accounts you may have. If the currency is not transferred to a loved one prior to passing, this could all be lost. If digital currency is purchased through an intermediary, you might need to send them a letter to inform them who is named in a will/probate for the account to be transferred to when you pass away.

Funeral payment plans

A funeral plan can ensure that there is enough money for a funeral. This will prevent your loved ones having to cover all of the costs themselves.

There are many plans available from traditional funeral directors. Use a comparison website to help you to find one that works best for you. The Money Advice Service provides useful information regarding plans, as well as alternative ways of paying for your funeral.


Writing a will and planning what happens to your money and possessions after you die can make it easier for loved ones to cope after you have gone. If you die without making a will, your possessions will not be distributed according to your wishes. This is particularly important if you own property or have children.

There are a lot of cost effective will writing packages available in shops and online. However, it is recommended that any will is discussed with a solicitor to ensure that everything is legal and correct.

Purchasing a burial plot

You can pre-purchase a burial plot at our cemeteries in advance. Please email the cemeteries office for further information and pricing.

It is also possible to make your own coffin or purchase a coffin in advance if you wish to. There are now many comparison websites for coffins to enable you to choose your preferred coffin at a price and design you are happy with.

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