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Major Developments

We are working hard to review and adapt our processes as we transition into a new way of working brought about by the circumstances surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak. These relate to our delegated powers regarding planning decisions and associated arrangements for Planning Committees. We are not yet in a position to provide you with a definitive illustration of these arrangements but are working hard to arrive at that point. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Major Sites Team: an overview

The Major Sites team is a multi disciplined team that is made up of experienced planners and urban designers who work together on the boroughs larger and strategically important developments. Due to the complex nature of the developments, members of the major sites team regularly work along side Kent Highways Services, Kent County Council and the Highways Agency to ensure high quality developments that come forward in a coordinated way.

Strategic Projects

The borough has a rich heritage but is also embracing growth with its ambitious plans for the future. The large-scale developments that collectively are our 'Big 8' projects emphasise this ambition, illustrating how the council intends to unlock major opportunities, deliver new jobs, housing, retail and cultural facilities.

Major Sites Charter

The Major Sites Charter is a working tool for applicants and the local authorities setting out in easy stages of what is needed when. It's a simple project management tool that we will commit to using and we encourage applicants to do the same.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Ashford Borough Council has adopted supplementary planning documents which you will need to consider when making your application. These adopted documents are created to improve quality and maintain Ashford's high build standards by setting a benchmark of what the site needs to achieve.

Section 106 Agreements

A brief introduction to planning Section 106 Agreement obligations and Unilateral Undertakings.

Community Infrastructure Levy

An update on the council's progress under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).