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Community Stakeholder Group

The Community Stakeholder Group for the South of Ashford Garden Community (SAGC) is a forum for residents living in and around the South of Ashford with a desire to get involved in urban planning and community building. The meetings are a great way to obtain important updates on planning applications, to express concerns and to connect with other residents interested in improving where they live.

There are no requirements to join, other than a commitment to attend meetings whenever possible, to be respectful of all participants and to be proactive in the discussion. Being part of this group will include opportunities to get involved with community projects virtually and in person. 

To join the mailing list, please contact dan.daley@ashford.gov.uk. Once on the list, you can expect bi-monthly emails with upcoming meeting dates, agendas and meeting minutes. 

About the Group 

The Community Stakeholder Group meets every other month on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. The meetings continue to be held virtually for the time being and include residents from across a wide area and regular representation from local Parish and Ward Members.

The Chair of the group is Simon Cole, Head of Planning at Ashford Borough Council. He along with colleagues within the council facilitate the discussion and work closely with residents interested in the developments in and around the South of Ashford. The meetings follow an agenda which is distributed in advance of meetings and a Council officer keeps minutes.

Every agenda includes reports from council officers on current planning applications which fall within the South of Ashford Garden Community, and updates on community development activities. There are also regular updates on the Chilmington Management Organisation. Guest presentations are sometimes made by Kent County Council officers, developers, residents and other local reps. 

All participants are welcome to suggest agenda items in advance of meetings and are encouraged to prepare presentations on specific topics. This is helpful should participants want to bring attention to a particular issue or are looking to start a project that needs volunteers, funds or other support within the community. 

The group has been in existence for many years, pre-dating the developments in the South of Ashford when residents and local reps were first consulted regarding planning policy decisions. The group continues to evolve to meet the needs of the community. 

Every meeting is held in the spirit of listening, sharing information, escalating concerns and working collaboratively with public and private actors to ensure the SAGC delivers the ambitions set out in the Vision & Strategy. Visit the new SAGC website for or more information. 

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