As at 1 July 2020 all residents are to return to normal parking practices, as the provision of free parking for permit holders and non-critical key workers stopped on 30 June 2020 as per government guidelines.

Critical key workers, as defined below, are able to continue parking for free in our car park and on-street parking bays while on work purposes when displaying the Critical Care Government pass. Charges are still in force in all council car parks.

Key workers include the following:

  • NHS staff;
  • Health and social care workers;
  • NHS Covid-19 volunteers.

We await confirmation from the government on when the critical care worker key worker pass will expire.

Our enforcement team have been instructed to issue a PCN if in doubt, as a few people are generally abusing this concession. The appeals team will then seek evidence accordingly.

N.B. All car park are currently open, except for Victoria Road, which is being used as a Covid-19 testing centre.