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Taxi Licence Fees

Driving Licence Fees
Type Fee Notes
One year private hire or joint driver licence £70.00  N/A
Three year private hire or joint driver licence* £145.00  *Three year licence only available to new drivers (private hire) and to renewing drivers when existing DBS is due for renewal  
DBS police check £40.00  All new applications and renewal applications where applicable 
Additional driver’s licence (adding a licence before the expiry of current licence)  £30.00 N/A
Hackney carriage knowledge test and re-test  £57.00  N/A


Vehicle Licence Fees
Type Fee Notes
New vehicle licence (including plate) £320.00 For one year
Renewal vehicle licence (including plate)  £300.00  For one year
Transfer of vehicle licence (with or without vehicle plate)  £32.00  N/A
Vehicle inspection £32.00  To be paid to Ashford MOT Centre at time of test. 
Duplicate compliance £11.00  Payable to Ashford MOT Centre.


Private Hire Operator's Licence (New or Renewal) Fees
Type Fee Notes
Up to 3 vehicles £139.00 for five years 
Up to 10 vehicles £460.00 for five years 
Up to 20 vehicles  £919.00 for five years 
Additional fee to change band during term of licence from "up to 3 vehicles" band to "up to 10 vehicles" band  £318.00 N/A
From "up to 10 vehicles" band to "up to 20 vehicles"  £461.00 N/A


Miscellaneous Taxi Licence Fees
Type Fee Notes
Replacement badge or paper licence £12.00  N/A
Returned (bounced) cheques £17.00  For each cheque 
Replacement Plate (internal or external) £20.50 N/A

Payment methods

  • Send a cheque with your application, made payable to Ashford Borough Council.
  • Call 01233 331111 and make a card payment via one of our Customer Care team.
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