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Woodlands Country Park Rules

These rules should be regarded as a code of conduct for all occupiers, they are to enable the management to comply with the requirements of the authorities, encourage good standards, and preserve the privacy of each by the co-operation of all. Where agreements for the occupation of homes are entered into, these rules form part of such agreement.

  1. Homes permitted
    Only those of propriety make are permitted, they must conform to the requirements of relevant British standards, legislation, local licensing and planning controls. The transfer of occupation of hoes of pitches should be carried out in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 2013.
  2. Siting and services
    All movement of homes within the park on or off a pitch and or main services shall be effected by the park owner or his agent ONLY.
  3. Home Maintenance
    a. Homes to be kept in a clean sound condition at all times, wheels must not be removed, exterior décor to be repainted or otherwise restored as necessary as recommended by the park home manufacturer
    b. The occupier is responsible for the maintenance, safety and repair of all services within the home outside of the manufacturers guidance
    c. The occupier is also responsible for any damage caused by he/she to mains services running under or over the pitch and garden
  4. Occupation and use of home
    a. Use for private purpose only restricted to the occupier and members of his permanent household and short term bona-fide guests, not exceeding the number for which the home was originally constructed
    b. Subletting or sharing of whole or part thereof is strictly forbidden, (except leisure hoes ONLY by specific prior written permission)
    c. Business use of the home, pitch or park is forbidden
  5. Pitch and garden
    a. Private gardens where permitted must be kept neat and tidy
    b. The planting of trees and shrubs should be with consideration to other occupiers
    c. The first 24” adjacent to the road is to be kept clear for use as a refuge from passing traffic and allow the free movement of homes and emergency services
  6. Structures, sheds, porches, fences etc
    When deciding style and standard of development the park owner has to conform to site licence and planning conditions, as well as general and neighbours amenity.
    a. The erection or construction of a porch, greenhouse, fencing or other structure is subject to licence and/or planning conditions. It is recommended that wooden sheds are not constructed as such structures may infringe on fire regulations inspections.
    b. All such structures to be kept clean, tidy and properly maintained
  7. Mains water
    All water supplied to the park is metered at high cost, recoverable only through pitch fees. Occupiers must ensure that tap and valve washers are replaced promptly when necessary, and any suspected burst or leaking pipes (especially underground) to be reported at once.
  8. Washing lines
    Washing lines are to be placed at rear of home where possible.
  9. Refuse and waste disposal
    a. Occupier to use dustbins supplied by the council for re-cycling, which must be kept to the rear of the home except when placed for council collection. If unable to access rear of home with bins then please place in as discreet a location as possible
    b. The council also collect any surplus goods e.g. domestic appliances, furniture, motor vehicles, lawn mowers, etc by arrangement
    c. All garden wastes, grass cuttings etc shall be composted and used on occupiers pitch, or removed from the park. Bonfires or dumping of any kind thereon is strictly forbidden
  10. Motor vehicles and parking
    All vehicle must be fully taxed and insured as for public roads, and driven carefully and courteously within the park, observing the speed limit, the one way system, traffic signs and all drivers licensed and insured in accordance with the law. Vehicles must not be left or parked on any road or grassland.
  11. Insurance
    The occupier must be insured and indemnify the park owner against all third party risks, proof of which to be given to the park owners annually on renewal or whenever reasonably required. Please note the park owner accepts no responsibility for any loss of damage of the occupiers property. Therefore it is advisable for the occupier to insure his home against loss or damage at the full new replacement value, making due allowance against inflation.
  12. Noise
    Noise from musical instruments, radios, record players, TV’s, motor vehicles, lawn mowers and other appliances or persons, must not be permitted to cause a nuisance to others at any time, especially between the hours of 11.30pm and 7.30am.
  13. Children
    The occupier is responsible for the care and conduct of children in his/her custody and of visitors, playing in or around toilet blocks, fire points or other buildings, climbing of trees and riding bicycles other than on the roads is not permitted.
  14. Cats and Dogs
    Dogs and cats are permitted on the park under proper control and at the company discretion. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on the Park
  15. Pitch number and letterbox
    The occupier shall provide a letterbox and clearly displayed pitch number which must be included in the postal address.
  16. Access and interference
    Access to vacant pitches, interference with services, plant or materials anywhere on the park is not permitted.
  17. Weapons
    It is forbidden to use, or carry any loaded or uncovered weapons or other objects likely to give offence or to interfere with or disturb any flora or fauna on the park.
  18. Fire precautions
    a. A fire extinguisher as approved by the park owner or fire authority, is advisable to be installed by every occupier, fire blanket for use in kitchens and a water extinguisher for general use are recommended by Kent Fire Authority
    b. Fire equipment points throughout the park are for emergency use only and must not be interfered with, by children especially
    c. Gas cylinders should be kept outside the home under well ventilated conditions. Cylinder containing units like the Super Ser heaters, are permissible but should be used with care, oil heaters create heavy condensation and have additional fire risks and lethal hazards and should be avoided
    d. Solid fuel stoves fuel only to be used, chimneys and cowls kept clean and in good condition and not allowed to emit sparks
    e. Open external fires and bonfires are forbidden. Manufactured barbecues using correct fuel may be used with consideration and care, at occupiers own risk
    f. Storage of petrol should be avoided, if essential limited to one gallon in a purpose made container for the product, and not to be stored within or under the home
    g. Owners using bottled oxygen are responsible for making the fire authorities and park management aware