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Sharps, Syringes and Clinical Waste

Syringes and needles

DO NOT place them in your refuse bin as this can cause injury to the collection crews. 

We do not accept used syringes/sharps boxes at the Civic Centre or Gateways.

You can make a booking for a sharps collection as and when you need it, using our online book a sharps/clinical collection form where our contractor will complete a home collection.  This is for domestic medical waste only.

Please note that we don’t supply the sharps box. Your doctor can provide you with one.

You can report discarded syringes on public land using our online form.

If you find syringes on someone else's land, you should report it to the land owner.

Clinical waste

We can also collect other medical (infectious) waste from domestic properties in the borough. This type of clinical waste should not be mixed with your domestic waste.

If you require a clinical waste collection, please register for the service by using our online book a sharps/clinical collection form.

Please note we only collect from domestic properties. Nursing homes and medical establishments should make arrangements with their waste contractor.

Sanitary waste

Incontinence pads and nappies don’t need a special collection. These items can go in your grey refuse bin.

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