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Mobile Food Traders (and similar)

Hawker's consent (e.g. ice cream van, sandwich round van, etc.)

If you want to trade at various locations in the borough, for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, then you’ll need a hawker’s licence.

The fee for a new hawker's application [pdf] 374KB is £100.

Short term static consents (e.g. fish and chip van serving a rural village)

If you want to trade at the same location, up to twice a week but for less than four hours a day.

You'll need a separate street trading consent for each location you trade in. This type of consent does not usually require planning permission, but if it's on private property you will require the permission of the landowner. 

Static consent (e.g. a roadside refreshment van)

If you want to trade at the same location more than twice a week and/or for more than four hours a day then you’ll need a static consent.

You will require planning permission for this type of licence to be granted. This will need to be supplied on your application for a consent, along with evidence of the permission of the landowner.

Whilst we cannot assist you to find a pitch from which to trade, we do operate the following roadside pitches, which can be taken up as and when they become available. In addition to the application fee, you will be asked to setup a direct debit for the ongoing monthly fee(s).

Mobile Food Trading Locations
Location Occupation Status
A28 Furners Wood (Tenterden bound) Currently occupied
A28 Great Chart (Tenterden bound) Currently occupied
A20 Hothfield (Maidstone bound) Currently occupied
A28 Chilham (Ashford bound) Currently occupied

Please note that we do not operate a waiting list for these sites.

Contact us

Email the licensing team.

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