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ABC Lettings has tenants ready to move into your rented properties today and we can offer a flexible package of financial incentives for private sector landlords.

Talk to us today to learn more about flexible package of financial incentives for private sector landlords.

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Letting your property should be as easy as ABC…

A Better Choice Lettings and Property Management (ABC Lettings), offers landlords a safe, hassle free and hands off service for letting your property in Ashford or Folkestone and Hythe. We are already successfully managing more than 300 properties.

We have been creating and successfully managing tenancies in the private sector for more than nine years. Our experienced property managers are able to offer you the security of working with an organisation that has a reputation for a careful and considered approach. In addition, we are a ‘no hassle’ and no hidden cost lettings service. At ABC Lettings we are not motivated by profit.

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Why choose us?

Our fully managed service includes:

  • A guaranteed rental income, paid monthly and in advance;
  • We tenant your property within two weeks*;
  • Boiler breakdown cover;
  • Annual gas safety check;
  • Inventory/checkout;
  • 24 hour emergency repair support;
  • Regular property inspections;
  • Property maintenance (local contractors);
  • Tenancy renewals;
  • Notices including legal action (if appropriate).

*subject to all necessary checks

Here is what some of our landlords have to say about our service:

"I'd just like to say how happy I am with your management of my property. Please pass on to all of your colleagues involved. Many many thanks from a very satisfied customer." Mrs S

"Can I just take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the help when I needed it, you are all a real pleasure to deal with, and you all should be very proud of the work you do, Thanks for everything." Mr K

"You continue to be my favourite company. If there’s ever an award-type thing going you need to be nominated" Mr S

We are always looking to expand and work with more landlords. If you are a landlord, or thinking of becoming a landlord, please email the team or call us today on 01233 330811.

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For further details please view our landlord information guidance.

Alternatively, if you have a property you would like to rent out via ABC Lettings please complete our online Landlords Application Form. If you have any further questions please complete our online enquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why should I choose ABC Lettings?

We have been creating and supporting tenancies in the private sector for many years. We have a clear, transparent and fair fee structure with no hidden costs.

+ Who will be moving into my property?

ABC Lettings was set up to offer accommodation to tenants who have approached the council for housing. As the landlord, you can specify the type of tenant you would prefer or indeed meet them prior to signing the tenancy.

+ Who pays me the rent – you or the tenant?

ABC Lettings pays you monthly and in advance so your rent is guaranteed.

+ What happens if the tenant causes damage?

ABC Lettings carries out a minimum of four property inspections a year and we rarely come across damage. However, during an inspection should we identify any damage we will instruct the tenant what action needs to be taken and monitor to resolve it. At the end of the tenancy we will pay up to one month’s rent towards any dilapidations.

+ What happens if the tenant has anti-social behaviour?

ABC Lettings has a procedure for dealing with anti-social behaviour. We also have a close working relationship with the police and other agencies who will work with the family to resolve anti-social behaviour.

+ What happens if I am unhappy about who may be in my property – do I have any say?

Of course, most landlords prefer a hands-off approach, although as the landlord, you can specify the type of tenant you would prefer or indeed meet them prior to signing the tenancy.

+ With regards to the above questions, what is the process for managing the tenant and, if it’s necessary, eviction?

If the tenant continually breeches their tenancy agreement and despite our best efforts the tenancy is no longer sustainable we would serve the relevant notice and seek possession at no extra cost. You would continue to receive rent until possession is granted.

+ How long would that all take?

It very much depends on the reason the notice was served. Usually the process takes 3-4 months during which time we would continue to manage the tenancy and pay the rent.