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Business Rates Exemptions and Reliefs


Not all business properties have to pay business rates. An exemption can be given for a specified period, three months for example, or be continuous unless circumstances change.

  • Deceased persons estate
    An empty property owned by a deceased person’s estate is exempt.
  • Listed buildings and ancient monuments
    Any unoccupied listed building does not have to pay business rates. Ancient and historical monuments are also exempt.
  • Occupation prohibited by law
    If legal action is taken to prevent a building being used then that will also be exempt from business rates. However, an exemption is less likely if the legal action is just to prevent one particular person from trading or using the property.
  • Vacant due to crown action
    Properties that are kept vacant by the crown or by a local authority are also exempt. This generally covers instances such as a compulsory purchase scheme.
  • Industrial exemption
  • Occupied properties exempt from rating
  • Partly empty properties
  • Small rateable value exemption
  • Unoccupied properties exempt from rating

If you think your property should be exempt please contact the revenues service on 01227 862316 or email businessrates@ashford.gov.uk.


Business rates relief is given to some properties where it can be a reduction of up to 100% of the charge.

Registered charities and charities exempted from registration as a charity can receive an compulsory 80% rate discount. Registered community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) are also entitled to this rate if the club is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes.

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