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Unoccupied Properties Exempt From Business Rating

Properties that are empty are generally exempt from paying business rates for the first three months. If someone purchases becomes legally responsible for the building building within this three month period they will only benefit from the exemption until the three months have passed.

The empty rate exemption will be applied for the first three months that the property is empty. If someone purchases the property after three months, and it is still empty, they will not receive this discount.

Notifying us of a change in circumstances

Please complete an online occupation form or vacation form to advise of new occupation, or if you are leaving the property.

Permanent exemptions

Most empty properties are given an exemption of up to three months, but some properties are allowed a permanent exemption. The following situations can lead to a permanent exemption for an empty property:

  • From 1 April 2017 if your property has a rateable value of less than 2,900 you will be exempt from paying rates if it is empty and unoccupied.