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Transitional Relief

2017 revaluation

The 2017 general revaluation takes effect from 1 April 2017.

Regular revaluations are used to make sure that rate payers continue to pay a fair contribution. The share of the national rates bill is split across various businesses based on the value of their property, relative to others, over time. Revaluation does not raise extra money for government.

The 2017 revaluation will not increase the amount of business rates that are collected across the country. Around 7 out of 10 ratepayers will be given a reduction or no change to their bill, whilst some ratepayers will have to pay more in future.

More information on the 2017 revaluation can be found on the government website

Transitional scheme

The government has provided a £3.6 billion transitional relief scheme to help companies that will see a big increase in their business rates bills. This will give businesses more time to adapt by gradually phasing in these increased amounts and limiting the amount they need to pay. As a result, there will also be limits on how much bills will be reduced by.

Under the transitional scheme, limits continue to apply to yearly increases and decreases until the full amount is due (rateable value times by the appropriate multiplier). The scheme only applies to the bill based on a property at the time of revaluation.

For properties that have changes made to them after 1 April 2017, these arrangements will be based on the rateable value of the premises prior to the changes.

Changes to your bill as a result of other reasons (such as changes to the amount of small business rate relief) are not covered by the transitional arrangements.

The transitional arrangements are applied automatically and are shown on your bill.

Further information about transitional arrangements and other reliefs may be obtained from Ashford Borough Council or visit the government website.