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Shirkoak Site Rules

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of the park and the benefit of all who use them. These rules are express terms of the agreement, by which you occupy your pitch in accordance with the current Mobile Homes Act.

The rules have not been compiled to place unnecessary restrictions on residents, but rather to ensure that they may live peacefully and safely in unspoiled surroundings. As park home residents live in closer proximity with other residents than house dwellers, certain rules have been compiled for the residents interests, others for safety reasons some to preserve the visual amenities of the park. We are sure that, provided the rules are accepted in the right spirit, our park will continue to be a harmonious safe community.

  1. Only park homes (mobile homes) of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definitions contained in the caravan site and Control Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1968 and the Mobile Home Acts 1975 and 1983, and comply with BS.3632, shall be allowed to be transferred to a new occupier
  2. Park homes (mobile homes) must be kept in a sound and clean condition and external colour and decoration must be maintained. All residents shall keep the walls and/or fences surrounding their prospective homes in good condition. No external alteration of, or addition to the park home (mobile home) or pitch is permitted without prior approval of the park owners, if appropriate the local authority
  3. The occupier is responsible for the tidiness or their home and garden. No litter shall be deposited on any public places or paths
  4. The park home shall be used by the occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guest only (and in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths)
  5. Park home units shall not be sub-let in whole or in part
  6. Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical, water and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and /or appropriate authorities
  7. The occupier shall, not less than once every year, arrange for all heating appliances to be inspected by a competent heating engineer, and carry out such repairs as may be found necessary on such inspection. The occupier shall obtain from such heating engineer a certificate of inspection that the heating installation is safe and in good working order
  8. The occupier is responsible for all household and garden refuse to be deposited in approved containers, which must not be over filled, must be placed in the approved position for regular collection. All other household items must be disposed of through the refuse collection provided by the local authority
  9. Radios other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause noise/nuisance to others, at any time
  10. All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park not exceeding the speed limit of 10mph, following the one-way system. Vehicles must be kept to authorised parking spaces, roadways must not be obstructed. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law, and drivers must hold a current driving license and insurance, parking on the roads is forbidden at all times, with the exception of loading and unloading. Disused vehicles must be removed from the park on demand. No commercial vehicles may be parked within the park. Garage entrances must be kept clear. If there should be no parking spaces available, alternative arrangements for so doing must be sought outside of the park. Approval for long stay parking for visitors must be advised to park owners. No repairs to motor vehicles, some minor repairs, shall be permitted on the park. The only permissible maintenance or repairs to any mechanical propelled vehicle will be in respect of those vehicle being in the property of residents of the park, and then only in case of emergency or for minor running repairs. No caravans or trailers to be parked on the park
  11. Porches, storage sheds, fuel bunkers or other structures are only permitted with the approval of the park owners and, where permitted, must be of design, size and standard approved by the park owners and the planning authority
  12. Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view
  13. Pets are allowed on the park however any dogs brought on to the park must not be of an aggressive or dangerous type. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst o the park, and must not be allowed to foul the park
  14. The occupier is responsible for the conduct of all visitors and of children in his/hers custody. Children are prohibited from playing on roadways
  15. Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description, including air rifles, shall not be used on the park, and shall only be kept with a license from the police authority
  16. Everyone using the park must comply with the site license, water authority or any other statutory authority. A copy of the site license is displayed at the office
  17. Access is not permitted to vacant pitches, building materials and plants must be left undisturbed
  18. No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the park and the mobile home shall only be used to provide residence
  19. Garden fires are not permitted, either in home gardens or on the park or in the recreation fields
  20. Persons under the age of 50 years are not allowed as an occupier as the park is intended to cater for the retired and semi-retired
  21. Where hosepipes and pressure washers are used residents must ensure that water is not wasted