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Parking Consultations

We are continually seeking to improve the parking facilities and related highway services for our residents and visitors to the borough. From time to time we will invite views and comments using parking consultations.

Within each consultation you can find out more information on:

  • Relevant reports and minutes
  • Detailed plans and proposals
  • Legal notices

Parking consultations are also your chance to raise any objections. All objections must be received in writing by post or email. All consultations will be open for a set period of time. Please ensure you check the deadline date before submitting any objections.

Current parking consultations

There are no current consultations

Recent Amendments

Amendment 4

Current Traffic Regulation Order

Download the most recent consolidated order [pdf] 9365KB (500 pages)

Background and timeline

It is important to note that the installation of new restrictions, or their amendment, is normally a slow process. This is important as we need to show that those most likely to be affected by the changes, and important stakeholders (such as the police and fire service, for example), have been consulted.

Kent County Council (KCC) are the highway authority; Ashford Borough Council acts as their agent within the borough when dealing with the public highway network. KCC will need to approve any new restriction.

Visit KCC for guidance on yellow lines

Ashford Borough Council meets with Kent County Council to discuss the various requests that have been received over time. The intention is that such meetings will take place on a quarterly basis, as far as is practicable.

Kent County Council suggests that the installation of a new restriction, such as yellow lines, can take 18 months (or longer) as there must be a process whereby objections can be made and considered.

Clearly, some proposals may be more problematic in this respect than others, and it is entirely possible that a proposal will not go ahead after consultation has been made. After consultation takes place, the following process will be followed.

Amendments to Traffic Regulation Orders to be approved by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Ward Member and ABC Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Wellbeing,  if:

  • Fewer than 10 unresolved objections (objections either to part or all of the proposal) are received related to the statement of reasons for proposing the Order, and
  • No unresolved objections are received from statutory consultees   

Amendments made in this way will be reported to the Board at the subsequent meeting for information only.

However, if more than 10 unresolved objections are received related to the statement of reasons for proposing the Order (objections either to part or all of the proposal) or if any unresolved objection is received from a statutory consultee, a decision is to be deferred to the subsequent scheduled meeting of the Board.

This process was adopted by the Joint Transportation Board in December 2018.

The Joint Transportation Board (JTB) is a public meeting. If you wish to attend, information and dates can be found on our Committees page.

Contact us

If you have any queries about any parking consultations in the borough or want to know more about any of our proposals, you can contact us:

  • Email consultation@ashford.gov.uk
  • In writing to Engineering Services, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL
  • Telephone 01233 330414
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