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Alternative Recycling

Although most items can be recycled in some way, we cannot currently collect all items in your green bin. Putting incorrect or potentially reusable items in the recycling bins can result in contaminating a clean batch of recyclables.

What items can you put in your recycling bins?

For a full list of items you can and cannot recycle in red and yellow lidded recycling bins please visit 

Give away your unwanted itemsFreegle logo in green

Why not consider giving away your unwanted items for others to reuse. Freegle is an online service which allows you to get and give unwanted items for free from residents within your local community to help keep potential reusable items out of the waste system. You can find out more at Freegle alternatively, you can donate your unwanted items to local charities, a number of which will collect bags free of charge.


Most Supermarkets accept plastic bags, plastic film, make up, clothes and batteries. Some smaller shops also offer recycling collections for other types of packaging. For example Superdrug will collect your empty medicine blister packets for recycling. For more details visit Superdrug Recycling


TerraCycle is a recycling company that offers a range of recycling programmes for typically hard-to-recycle waste. One such area that has drop off locations for such items is EC30 at Tenterden.

WEEE – Small Electrical items

Silver kettle, phone and watch

We will collect from kerbside any household electrical and electronic item that operates on a battery or has a plug and is smaller than 60cm in length and under 30cm in width and height. Please place them in a clear shopping sized bag or white tied bag (items in black sacks will not be taken) on top of the grey general waste bin by 6am on your day of collection.

Items accepted: phones and chargers, remote controls, VCRs, digiboxes, electronic toys, kettles, hairdryers, electronic toothbrushes, shavers, hair straighteners, irons, small DIY tools, clocks, radios, cables, keyboards, mice, speakers.

You can also take back some small electrical items to stores under the retailer take back scheme where they will be sent off for recycling. To find your nearest store to recycle your electrics at Recycle your electrics.

Textilesgreen outlined t shirt

Small quantities of textiles and clothing can also be recycled if they are put in a clear or white tied bag (items in black sacks will not be taken) and placed on top of the green recycling bin by 6am on your day of collection

Items accepted: clothes, belts, handbags, curtains, towels, bed lined and paired shoes (please tie the laces together, or put a band around them to keep the pair together)

Items not accepted: carpets, quilts or duvets, rugs or any other material that is not clothing/textiles