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End Of Life Vehicles

There are several options open to vehicle owners who want to dispose of old vehicles, which are listed, below:Give a car logo, image of a hand picking up a car

  1. If you own a vehicle which has reached the end of its life, and don't know how to deal with it, there are over 35 vehicle breakers in Kent who are approved ELV treatment facilities. These companies make sure that every component and fluid from your vehicle is safely and legally recycled. Most companies will currently pay cash for your vehicle (but check first) and collect it from your home
  2. Working in conjunction with a nationwide salvage operator, Giveacar is able to collect any car or vehicle from anywhere in the UK, at no cost to the owner. Giveacar also cares for the environment, and cars that are not auctionable are de-polluted, recycled and disposed of in accordance with DVLA and Environmental Agency guidelines. A minimum of 85% of the weight of the car is recycled, and each car raises an average of £80 for charity. Last month alone, generous donations of unwanted cars raised over £20,000 for registered charities in the UK
  3. Here is a list of DEFRA approved vehicle recycling companies in Kent [pdf] 52KB