Street Trading

Street trading refers to trading of goods on land and includes any road, footway, beach, or any other area to which the public have access without payment.

Street Trading Policy

This can include areas of private land, although there are some exemptions detailed on page five of our Street Trading Policy [pdf] 610KB.

All streets within the Ashford Borough are controlled streets for the purposes of street trading. Street trading without the relevant consent or licence is a criminal offence, and you can report illegal street trading online.

The type of consent required depends on the type of trading, but is broken down into the following two main types:

When applying to licensing for a street trading consent we normally require a completed application form, public liability insurance, fee, a letter from the landowner stating giving permission for the trading, as well as a copy of the planning permission consent (if this is necessary).

For more detailed information on street trading, and application forms, please see the above two pages, and our Street Trading Policy [pdf] 610KB.