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Street Trading

Street trading is classified into four categories and covers any land to which the public have access without payment. This includes car parks and streets, parks and all adjacent paved or grassed areas, whether they are on private or public land. It is illegal to trade without a consent or licence.

Street trading licence

Ashford Town MarketThis will be for those wishing to trade on market days in Ashford town centre.

Ashford Town Market

Ashford Town Market (Lower High Street) operates every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 9am-3pm.

We are currently welcoming new applications from traders offering the following goods/services:

  • Fishmonger
  • Footwear
  • Books

To promote the market and new businesses, new traders can apply to use a starter/trial pitch. For two months, new traders will pay no pitch fee. This will help keep start-up costs to a minimum and gives traders a chance to develop a customer base at Ashford Town Market. Ideal for existing market traders considering Ashford, start-up businesses, and for first time traders. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this offer!

Application forms

If you are interested in trying out a stall at Ashford market please email the Licensing team.


New and renewal licences will incur a fee of £73.00.

Street trading FAQs
Questions Answers
When and where does Ashford market operate?  Tuesday, Friday and Saturday in the Lower High Street. 
When and where does Tenterden market operate? Friday in the High Street. 
How much does it cost?  There is an annual licence fee but you can pay the fee for the first month before going to the annual licence. Refer to website.
Pitch fees are payable each day you trade:
£2.50 per foot Tenterden
£1 per foot Ashford
Do I need public liability insurance?  Yes, to cover £2m.
How do I apply?  Email the Licensing team and then submit an application form, along with a copy of the public liability insurance and the fee. 
Can I trade every other week?  No you have to trade every week.
Do you run the market at Orbital Park?  No this is run by Hobbs Parker and is nothing to do with the council. 
Do I need a licence for a boot fair? No. 

Static consents

Tenterden Market and food mobiles

Static consents will be for those wishing to trade at the same location, more than twice a week and/or for more than four hours a day. This licence is likely to require planning permission.

A new static application [pdf] 178KB (excluding Tenterden Market) will incur a fee of £200.00 if planning permission has not been applied for and granted. However, if If permission is already granted the fee is £100.00. Renewal applications are £73.00.

If you are interested in trying a stall at Tenterden Market please email the Licensing team.

Application forms

Short term static consents

Fish and chip vans

If you want to trade at the same location, up to twice a week but for not more four hours a day then this is the appropriate permission. A separate consent is required for each location traded in. This type of consent will not usually require planning permission.

A new short term static application [pdf] 178KB will incur a fee of £100.00 plus £25.00 per site thereafter (when submitted at the same time). We will undertake a 28 day consultation process to consider the impact of the application on the local area. Renewal applications are £73.00.

If it is new application on an existing site [pdf] 179KB the fee is £73.00.


Ice cream/sandwich vans

For those trading at different locations in the borough for no longer than 20 minutes a hawker's licence will be applicable.

A new hawker application [pdf] 177KB will incur a fee of £73.00.

Please email the Licensing team if you require any further information.

Hawker FAQs
Questions Answers
Where can I trade from my burger van?  You can locate a private site but you will need landowner’s and planning permission. Email licensing with the details when you have found a potential site. Fees listed on the website. 
Can I trade from a lay-by?  The only lay-bys you are permitted to trade by are already occupied. Licensing operate a waiting list for these lay-bys so please email name, address and contact number to us. Please note that the list is long and the wait can be many years! 
What do I need to trade as an ice cream or a sandwich van?   A hawker licence (trading no longer than 20 minutes in the same location)

Application form, fee, public liability insurance £2m.

How can I trade as a fish and chip van?  Short term static consent but email licensing with details of location as a consultation process may be required. 


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