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Fraud can take shape in many different forms. Our ability to maintain our public services is impacted if the council is a victim of fraud.

Report fraud for investigation

Our Investigation Team are all highly trained officers with many years of experience. We depend on members of the public reporting suspicions and take each one seriously. Please report any suspicions of fraud you have, using the following methods: 

Please tell us as much information as possible. We need to know the name of the person being reported, their address and what fraud you think they are committing. We also require further details such as descriptions of persons you believe are involved, vehicle details, and addresses of any other properties involved.

You can report anonymously but it really helps to know your contact details if we need to seek clarification. We may need to ask you for further information or to understand what you've said or written. If you are happy to provide a statement, all details given are treated confidentially.

Housing Benefit fraud

Housing Benefit investigations are conducted by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The DWP conducts these investigations using the Single Fraud Investigation Service (SFIS).

Ashford Borough Council supports SFIS with any investigations they are conducting using data sharing rules in place to accommodate this.

Social Housing fraud

We have a large housing stock and along with housing associations, we vigorously investigate any report of tenancy fraud. This includes sub-letting, applications for housing and right to buys. 

Council Tax Single Person Discount fraud

Anyone liable to pay council tax who is the only adult aged over 18 living at the property, is entitled to claim a 25% discount of their annual council tax charge. 

Please let us know if you are aware of a property where the resident may be receiving this discount but there is more than one adult living at the property.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme fraud

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme is run by us for the benefit of those on low incomes to help pay council tax. This scheme replaced the old council tax benefit scheme. People on this scheme have an obligation to notify us of changes that could affect their entitlement, but some fail to do so. If you suspect anybody, please tell us.

Business Rates premises

If you believe a business premises is not showing on the rating list, please advise the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). The VOA are responsible for valuing properties.

You can also check the business rates valuation online.