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Use of Council Land

If you are holding an event for charity or for the community and wish to use council owned land, you need to make an application. To make an application please visit our Safety Advisory Group page. You will also find useful information such as advice for public outdoor events, security for event organisers and templates which you can download. 

Organisers of an event must provide proof of public liability insurance of at least £5 million.

There is no charge for charitable/non profit making organisations. However, there are charges and special conditions for fun fairs. Other commercial bookings are not usually permitted.

In order to give us time to deal with your application it should be made at least four weeks before your event. Where a road closure is necessary, you will need to inform us at least 12 weeks in advance of the event.

If you are organising any public outdoor events in the Ashford area, we would like to know about it!

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