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Equal Opportunities Statement

Statement of intent

  1. Ashford Borough Council is an equal opportunities employer. The aim of this policy is to ensure
    that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their
    protected characteristics such as race, sex, marital status, disability, age, sexuality, religion or
    any other factor irrelevant to an individual’s ability to do the job.
  2. This policy applies to recruitment, promotion, transfer, training, and the application of
    grievance, disciplinary and other procedures of employee benefits and all other terms and
    conditions of employment.
  3. It is the duty of all employees to accept their responsibility for the practical application of
    the policy but the council acknowledges that specific responsibilities fall upon management,
    supervisors and individuals professionally involved in recruitment and personnel management.
  4. To ensure that this policy is consistently applied, co-ordinating responsibility will be assigned to
    the Head of HR, Communications and Technology who will monitor the operation of the policy
    for both employees and job applicants and undertake periodic audits.
  5. To safeguard individual rights, under the policy any employee who believes that the council
    has applied inequitable treatment to him or her within the scope of the policy should raise the
    matter through the appropriate grievance procedure.
  6. To make the policy work requires more than this formal statement. The policy will assist the
    creation of the right climate for success and it is for each employee to make his or her own
    contribution. The policy will therefore be brought to the attention of every employee and job
    applicant and will be kept under regular review.
    Ashford Borough Council wishes to be known as an Equal Opportunities Employer by the
    community as a whole and by other employers in the borough.
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