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MyAshford is an online customer portal that gives residents access to the various accounts held with the council in one place. Once residents set up an account they can view council tax, rent balance, see who their local councillor is, apply for parking permits and more.

Why have we created a new MyAshford?

The old MyAshford system has become outdated and needed a revamp so we have built a new portal from the ground up. With so many different systems associated with the council we are trying to make the customer journey easier by applying single sign-on technology – this will enable you to log into the portal and then you’ll be able to access your linked accounts without having to log in again.

We currently have single sign-on set-up for the new Council Tax system, Citizen Access.

New MyAshford features

The new portal has the following features:

  • Integrated management of your council tax or business rates account.
  • Check your bin collection dates.
  • Find out who your local councillor is.
  • See where your nearest health services and education establishments are located.

Find out more about MyAshford or you can sign in or register for an account using the buttons below.

Sign up for MyAshford and Citizens Access

Below is a tutorial video that shows you how to register for a MyAshford account.

Below is a tutorial video that shows you how to authenticate single sign on for your Citizens Access account via MyAshford.

Below is a tutorial video that shows you how to view your Council Tax bill using the Citizen Access system.

As this is a new system we are continuing to develop it and make improvements. If you encounter any issues using MyAshford then please click on the smiley/sad face in the bottom right corner of the page to provide us with feedback. 

Want to track the progress of something you have reported to us?

If you have previously clicked on the Sign In/Register button at the top of our webpages to report something to the council then you can create a MyAshford account to view your cases. Alternatively you can still log in to view your cases or to report something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is MyAshford?

MyAshford is an online customer portal that gives you access to various accounts you may hold with Ashford Borough Council. You can view your council tax, rent balance, see who your local councillor is, applying for parking permits and much more.

+ What if I have forgotten my login details?

If you have forgotten the password to your account then you can click on ‘Forgot your password?’ at the login screen for MyAshford. You will then be sent an email to reset the password for your account.

+ How do I link my Citizen Access and MyAshford accounts?

After creating a MyAshford account you can then sign up to Citizen Access to enable sign sign on. Once logged into MyAshford, click on My Council Tax to start the Citizen Access registration.

You will need the following information when signing up for Citizen Access:

  • Council tax account number (as it is shown on your bill)
  • Your name (as it is shown on your bill)
  • Two of the following:
    • Post code
    • Direct debit details that you use to pay your Council Tax
    • Contact telephone number

+ What can I do on Citizen Access?

Citizen Access is our new Council Tax and Business Rates system that allows you to view all of your bills, update your personal details and find out about or apply for different discounts and exemptions you may be entitled to.

+ Is MyAshford secure?

Yes! User login to MyAshford and linked third-party systems via single sign-on (SSO) is managed by an authentication server which implements OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 standards.

+ When will other systems be available via single sign-on?

Over the coming months we will be working to integrate the other systems that are owned by the council.

+ I'm having trouble creating an account - what should I do?

If you are struggling to create and verify your MyAshford account then please watch our tutorial video above. If you are still stuck then please click on the smiley/sad face in the bottom right-hand corner and let us know what issues you are experiencing. If you provide your email address then we will contact you to help.