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Applying for and erecting a memorial

Ashford Borough Council does not provide headstones in cemeteries. You will need to contact a stonemason that is registered with either NAMMs (National Association of Monumental Masons) or BRAMMs (The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) for this service.

A permit is required before any memorial can be erected on a grave. When you order a memorial through a stonemason they will usually apply for a permit on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I arrange to have a memorial erected on a grave?

We can give you advice on the type of memorial permitted on the grave in question as each section varies. Memorials will only be permitted to be erected by stonemasons, who have submitted appropriate risk assessments and safe working procedures for the erection of memorials, and who also possess valid public liability and employer’s insurance cover. Once we receive a request for a permit to erect a memorial, we will check our records to ensure that the applicant is the purchaser. We will also check that the type of memorial requested is allowed on the plot in question. If this is in order we will then give the stonemason authority to proceed. If the memorial cannot be erected immediately we will put a date on the permit indicating when this can take place.

+ What if the person applying for the permit for a headstone is not the purchaser of the grave?

The council will only grant permission for the erection of a headstone to the owner of the grave. If you are not the purchaser, you will need to apply for a transfer of the deeds. You can email the cemeteries officer to discuss transfer of the plot's deeds, or call them on 01233 330472.

+ Can I erect a memorial on my grave immediately?

No. Following a full coffin burial, graves require minimum of six months from the date of burial to ensure that the ground has time to settle. For cremated remains, it can be as little as a month.

+ How large can the memorial be?

You will need to check our grave regulations to find out. Here you will also be able to see information relating to cultivation, wooden memorials, monumental masonry, fencing and edging, glass containers and brick/stones.

+ Other than a masonry headstone, what other kind of memorial is acceptable?

You may purchase a wooden cross or wooden memorial pick and plaque at a cost from the council. All new graves have this as standard. However, should you wish to purchase one for an older grave or a re-open of a grave, this is possible by contacting the cemeteries officer.