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Electric Vehicles

Recent developments

We have started a programme to install new EV chargers (EVCPs) throughout the borough. Residents and visitors can expect more places to charge electric vehicles as part of plans to accelerate the transition to cleaner modes of transportation.
New EV chargers are being installed by EV DOT, to complement the existing stock which were installed by Charge Your Car (CYC).

Summary of intended outcomes

  • make the use of electric vehicles in Ashford easier and more practical with more charging points available
  • increase electric vehicle ownership in Ashford
  • reduce carbon emissions to help address the climate emergency
  • improve air quality - linked to public health benefits
  • address national and local expectations regarding electric vehicle ownership

Are bays available?

Check the Zap Map website: www.zap-map.com before every trip to confirm that the location has a functional EVCP. Occasionally EVCP might be down or have a fault that has been reported to the supplier.

We are aware that some of our existing public electric vehicle (EV) chargers are not working, some are faulty and others have been damaged. the ongoing installation of new charge points will address these issues.

Account set-up


  • Adley's yard Car Park, Ashford
  • Civic Centre & Stour Centre Car Park, Ashford
  • Edinburgh Road Car Park, Ashford
  • Station Road Car Park, Tenterden (west side)
  • Other locations coming soon

EV Dot App available from Google and Apple stores

Instant access to the charge point upon registration.

An RFID Card will be posted out to the customer’s registered address

When in the location you just need to enter the Charger ID or Scan QR code from the App

Charge your Car (CYC) - other locations

For our existing public EV charge points drivers need to visit BPPulse website.

For our new residential EV Charge points, please follow the instructions given in the EVCPs signage.

Whilst using Electric charging bays to charge your vehicle, you will need to pay for parking during the parking charge period.

Socket type

Our charging points have two types of socket:

EVDOT locations

Adley's Yard Car Park (coming soon).

Civic Centre & Stour Centre Car Park

Edinburgh Road Car Park

Station Road Car Park Tenterden

  • Type 1 & Type 2
  • 22kW

Charge Your Car (CYC) locations

  • Type 2
  • Fast Charger 7kW


Note: These charge points are currently out of order. New charge points are being installed across the borough, including at these locations or nearby to make up for their absence.

Information will be updated as soon as these new points are working. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ashford Car Park Locations and Number of Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Location Postcode No. of charging points
Adley's Yard Car Park (coming soon) TN23 7SP

(1x for Disabled badge holder only)

Civic Centre & Stour Centre Car Park (7kW) TN23 1PL 2 CYC
Civic Centre & Stour Centre Car Park (22kW) TN23 1PL 9 EV DOT
Edinburgh Road Car Park (22kW) TN24 8LG 12 EVDOT
Elwick Place Car Park(7kW) TN23 1DY 4 CYC
Julie Rose Stadium Car Park (7kW) TN24 9QX 2 CYC
Vicarage Lane Car Park (7kW) TN23 1NJ 2 CYC (see note above)


Tenterden Car Park Locations and Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Location Postcode No. of charging points
Station Road Car Park (22kW) TN30 6HN 4 EV DOT
Tenterden Leisure Centre Car Park (7kW) TN30 6RA 2 CYC (see note above)


Standard parking fees do apply in Pay and Display car parks. Please refer to the tariff notice boards or ticket machines to see charges.

  • Charge Your Car units- £1 per session. No charge is made for use of electricity.
  • EV DOT units- 0.39p per kWh

Report a problem

Charge your car locations


EV dot locations

Call the 24/7 helpline 0330 016 5126

Contact us

If you need to contact us, please email engineering@ashford.gov.uk

Please provide the charger ID reference with correspondence relating to any fault.

Grants for electric vehicles and charging points

We are supporting the government to phase out sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

Electric vehicle grants

The government offers grants for people buying electric vehicles. You don't need to do anything to get this grant. The value of the grant will be included in the vehicle’s price. Find out more about grants for electric vehicles on GOV.UK.

Charging point grants

You can get up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle charging points at your home. Read more about the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Businesses, charities and public sector organisation can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Find out more about electric vehicles

You can read more about funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles.