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Register Of Land Charges

About Local Land Charges

As the registering authority, we are required by law to keep a register of all restrictions or prohibitions on houses or land that may secure the payment of a sum of money or to limit the use (in the widest sense) to which the property or land may be put. These are required under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and must be binding on successive owners or occupiers of the land.

  • Each record is called a 'Local Land Charge'
  • Charges can be imposed by councils and government bodies
  • Charges are binding on successive owners of the house or land

The register is broken down in to 12 parts:

Part 1: General financial charges
Part 2: Specific financial charges
Part 3: Planning charges
Part 4: Miscellaneous charges
Part 5: Fenland ways maintenance charges (now CLOSED)
Part 6: Land compensation charges
Part 7: New towns charges
Part 8: Civil aviation charges
Part 9: Opencast coal charges
Part 10: Listed buildings charges
Part 11: Light obstruction notices
Part 12: Drainage scheme charges

The Official Certificate of Search (LLC1) is intended to confirm during the conveyancing process, what local land charges, if any, are registered against the property. This then provides a warning to the prospective purchaser of the restrictions that may be on the property or land.

In addition to any local land charges that are revealed, a potential purchaser will also wish to be made aware of any notices about to be served on the property that will become binding upon any new purchaser upon completion. The CON29 form is available for this purpose.

Further information about 'buying a home' is available on The Law Society's website.

Inspecting the Local Land Charges Register

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