Major Sites Charter

Our commitment

We are committed to the following seven steps

  • Building confidence - an open dialogue with developers that builds trust - Pre-application Advice Major Proposals and councillor presentations
  • Professionalism - providing prompt planning and other technical advice to the highest standards
  • Adding value in design - the council is a national leader in the use of stakeholder design workshops. All significant development proposals are tackled in this way
  • Helping applicants - using a clear Validation Checklist [pdf] 44KB for major applicants
  • Scheme delivery and financial - where appropriate we encourage an open book approach and where viability is marginal we have pioneered a 'Deferred Contributions' approach
  • Strategic Sites Manual - a working tool for applicants and the local authorities setting out in easy stages what is needed when. Its a simple project management tool that we will commit to using and we encourage applicants to do the same
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