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Works To Trees And Hedges

The borough of Ashford has a great variety of trees and hedges, from splendid specimen trees to large tracts of woodland and hedge bounded fields - this makes for a rich landscape. Within this landscape are many trees, parklands, woodlands and hedges that are protected under statutory legislation and works to trees or hedges may need permission before they are undertaken. The information in this section will help anyone proposing to undertake works to trees or hedges to determine if they require permission.

In addition, Ashford Borough Council own many trees in public areas, find out more in our Tree Management section.


Trees may be protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and also Trees in Conservation Areas.

Applications for works to protected trees should be submitted to us. To find out more details visit our Tree Preservation Order page or visit our Trees in Conservation area page.

Considering wildlife protection before tree works

Nests are protected by law but the Police are responsible for enforcing this legislation. More information can be found on the following websites which includes how you might report anything you might be concerned about.

If you need general advice about the health, care and maintenance of a tree in your ownership or within the borough, you will need to consult with a tree surgeon. The Arboricultural Association website has a list of approved contractors that cover the whole of the UK. 

Tree Surgeons

If you are thinking about having work done on a tree in your garden, it is wise to get expert advice. You should also check out the pages about Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas to make sure you are acting legally. The Arboricultural Association website has a list of approved contractors that covers the whole of the UK. The contractors are examined for safe working practices and technical competence. Contractors should have satisfactory third party liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. Before entering into a contractual agreement, you should insist on seeing a current receipt for the insurance premium.


Works to woodland trees may need a felling licence and further information is available from the Forestry Commission. Please note that many woodlands are protected by TPOs, you can check this by using our interactive maps.


Most agricultural and countryside hedges are protected from removal.

High Hedges

Disputes involving high hedges have a clear process and more details can be found under our high hedges section.