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Planning Policy Advice

The Spatial Planning team can provide advice on pre-allocation Local Plan site discussions, and offer planning policy guidance. This service follows the same procedure as Pre-Application Advice Major Proposals and includes a meeting followed by written advice. Because of the complexity of these pre-allocation site proposals we offer policy advice only at meetings. This approach is helpful to discuss the various aspects of the proposed development in relation to existing and emerging local plan policies.

Please note, that the Council are not in an open call for sites stage of plan making. A call for sites will be triggered once the Local Plan Review commences (not yet planned).

What you need to do

If you want us to comment on a particular site you will need to provide the following information :

  • Full site address and location plan with the site outlined in red
  • An explanation/description of what you want to do
  • Any relevant information about previous uses

What we will do

  1. Acknowledge receipt of your enquiry, within 3 working days, giving you a reference number and the name of the policy officer who will be dealing with your request
  2. The policy officer will contact you to confirm whether we have all the information we need and to arrange a date for a meeting and ask for any necessary additional information
    The timing of the meeting will depend upon the complexity of the scheme and the amount of work that will be needed prior to a meeting including any time necessary to obtain initial views of other interested parties.
  3. Attendance of other officers at the meeting, including specialist advisors, will be at the policy officer's discretion. The fee will be agreed at the end of the meeting and an invoice will be sent to you
  4. After the meeting, we will write to you confirming the advice given. This will usually be within 15 working days unless the proposal is particularly complex, The written response will outline the planning policy issues, matters raised at the meeting, and other constraints and requirements. You may also take notes at the meeting and if you wish, we will check and amend these as necessary

Contact us

Email planning.policy@ashford.gov.uk

Please Note: Any advice given by council officers for policy enquiries does not guarantee that a local plan allocation will be made or that an application decision will be the same as the advice, nor is it the formal decision of the council. Any views or opinions are given in good faith, and to the best of ability, without prejudice to the formal consideration of local plan inclusion or planning application. The final decision on Local Plan site allocations and any application that you may then make can only be taken after the council has consulted local people, statutory consultees and any other interested parties. The final decision Local Plan inclusion is made by an Inspector at the Local Plan Examination.