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Building Conservation and Heritage

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Building conservation and the historic environment

The historic environment including historic buildings, landscapes and areas are the physical legacy of the social and economic history of human activity and contribute to the special character of the borough. It is the responsibility of the council and a key role of the planning system to ensure that this historic environment is protected and enhanced. This is ensured in a number of ways through formal designations such as listed buildings and conservation areas, historic parks and scheduled ancient monuments.

The borough hosts over 3000 listed buildings and 43 conservation areas. Details of these can be found on the interactive map.

Historic Environment Record

Ashford has a number of archaeological sites, monuments and historic landscapes covering all periods of human activity, from the earliest prehistoric times to the present day.

The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a register of archaeological sites and the built historic environment. Today, the HER records human activity from the Palaeolithic era to the 20th century, and it is a comprehensive and continually updating resource for commercial, academic, and public research.

You can consult the national HER online via the Heritage Gateway website or the Kent Historic Environment Record via the Exploring Kent’s Past website.

Ashford Heritage Strategy

The Ashford Heritage Strategy (AHS) was created to look after the heritage sties in the borough. It also looks to enhance these areas through a positive strategy of conservation and enjoyment for visitors.

It follows a set of aims to protect heritage assets, increase visibility and sustainably manage and develop the borough's heritage sites. The strategy also provides an evidence base for the Local Plan to 2030.

Download the Ashford Heritage Strategy [pdf] 2630KB.